ECHO have been creating tools for green space professionals for over 75 years. People working in some of the most treacherous conditions demand tools that provide the absolute best in terms of power, ergonomics and above all else, dependability.

Of course, things are different in your garden, but at ECHO, we believe the same principles apply; you need tools that get jobs done fast and accurately, that are powerful, comfortable and dependable. That’s why we’ve used our decades of know-how to balance the features that matter most. 

We know how to make great tools

Garden+ tools have been designed to perfectly meet the needs of gardening enthusiasts. Our engineers have carefully balanced power, weight, features and safety to give you tools that not only get the job done as efficiently as possible, but are also a pleasure to use. The tools provide easy starting at the touch of a button - every single time, with no cords or fuel and almost silent operation with very little vibration.


Light weight and balanced for ease of use and accuracy

When you’re working in your garden, you want to be focused on the task, working towards your goals, not lugging around heavy equipment that feels arduous and bulky. By being light weight and balanced, Garden+ tools won’t tire you out and take minimal effort to maneuver, making getting that perfect finish on your hedge or cutting firewood into equal lengths, a walk in the park.  

DHC-310 rotatable handle feature.

Power to get your job done

Battery power offers the ultimate convenience. By utilising the latest technologies, Garden+ tools give performance comparable to petrol products, but without the emissions, noise, vibrations or maintenance levels. The Garden+ 40V battery balances power, weight, run time and charge time to make your transformation as easy as possible.  


Advanced features

Garden+ tools take advantage of the quality of life features we’ve developed over the years for professionals. Functionality like the rotatable handle on the DHC-310 hedge trimmer, vertical storage capable mowers or torque control on the DSRM-310 grass trimmer, just make things that little bit easier.